What is AI and How is it beneficial for Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an endeavor to replicate or stimulate human intelligence in Machines.


For example when you Google about flights to a destination, it automatically shows you the place of origin in search query, based on the location of your device.
Another example, when you want to read or watch a movie on your smart phone and rotate it a bit, it automatically becomes full size and changes its orientation from portrait to landscape.
Yet another example, when you start typing your search keywords in Google, it automatically gives you suggestions based on your previous search, behavior and location etc.

These are very basic and everyday life examples of AI, Self-driving Automatic Cars and Auto Pilot Aircrafts come in higher category.

AI benefitting Digital Marketing: Before we discover this lets also understand what is Digital Marketing?
DM is a way of marketing or reaching out to potential customers through Digital or Online Mediums like smart phones, laptop, desktop or tablets which are connected through the internet.
Earlier digital marketers were reluctant to use AI in digital marketing, but now after witnessing the effect of AI, they are using it extensively. Following are the ways.
AI is helping Digital Marketers:

  • Generating Content: Yes, you got it right, machines can write content based on the data fed to them. A lot of news websites like BBC, New York Times, Washington posts are using Automated Journalism. Facebook also uses AI to identify fake news.
  • AI Chat bots: You must have seen AI Chat-bots, as soon as you enter a website. These bots ask you a series of questions to help you get the desired information that you are looking for. Based on your Answer, the question changes. It also gives a human touch as the visitor feels welcome and taken care of.
  • Product Recommendation: Based on the previous searches, or based on the Product you just bought, you get recommendations on e-commerce Sites like Amazon. For example if you are buying a motivational book, it will show you a list of motivational books by other authors, or if you are buying kitchen utensils, it will give you recommendations to buy accessories used with utensils.
    Have you noticed that how Netflix recommends you content based on your interest and they are so on point?
  • Digital Advertising: Digital advertising is using AI to get maximum success. It is used on platforms like Facebook, Google and Instagram to give better user experience. AI is used for placing the ads and relevant content in front of the user based on their saved profiles like Age, Gender, Education, Profession, Location, Interests, etc.. AI can now determine the best time and days of the week to contact the user. AI can understand which content catches the most attention and which subject and titles get more clicks.
So in Conclusion, AI can benefit our Digital Marketing Strategy. It’s not here to replace the jobs of advertisers or marketers but its here to help them to get better ROI and to give users better user experience.

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