Impact of COVID-19 on Digital Marketing Industry

In this time of COVID-19 almost everything has come to a standstill.


Many countries have enforced long shutdowns. People are advised to follow the lock down guidelines and stay home. This pandemic has brought the world economy on its knees. Stock markets are falling into pieces and production units are locked. "Work from home" or "Study from Home" is the new normal. The covid-19 crisis may seem like a big threat to businesses and jobs along with people’s health, but in these times there is a ray of hope in one business area, and that is "Digital Marketing".

As per Scott Jones, CEO of 123 Internet Group, “We are in uncertain times, but with the increase of remote working and a collaborative approach, companies are turning to digital channels and embracing the transformation. We have seen a huge spike in the last few weeks from companies wishing to create or update websites, launch new e-commerce channels and create social media campaigns.”

Now most of the people are at home and have a lot of free time. In this internet world, it’s very easy to get lost in the ocean of social media and websites. So when all the audiences are online, isn't it a good idea to catch their attention and use some Digital Marketing tactics. This is the best time to use social media platforms and news and wellness related sites to promote your business.

The most promising Digital Marketing services in current scenario are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Social Media Optimization. As businesses are uncertain and don’t want to spend much on ads, SEO is the organic way of getting traffic to their site.

Other platform is Social Media Marketing, because Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are used extensively by people confined to their homes. There is a jump of 28% in social media usage time in the last 4 weeks.

So Digital Marketing industry will definitely come out stronger and businesses will not only use digital marketing tools to fill the gap during crisis situation but also use it in the long run.

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