Inbound Marketing

Do you like the idea of getting a call from a sales executive telling about his product or service in a mundane and repetitive manner? Or would you like to read the reviews and ratings about the products or services you want to buy and than decide? Which scenario is better? Obliviously the later one! All of us do not want to be sold to, rather we want to be educated about the products and services, and that differentiates inbound marketing from outbound. Want to know more!!! Read on..


Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is that technique of marketing where information is provided to the potential customer based on their behaviour, interest, preferences and search history.They are not forced to buy something. Information is not pushed towards them in form of cold calling, Tele marketing, spam,T.V advertisements. Rather the customers are educated on the roadblock they are facing.

Inbound Marketing is more human form of marketing. Here the focus is on problem solving and helping out the customers. Before crafting the content for inbound marketing, buyer persona is researched upon to understand the needs, preferences and interests. Inbound marketing is done in form of blogs, e-books, pod casts, social media, news letters, white-papers etc.

There are three stages in a buyer’s journey:


Awareness is when the customer knows that he/she has a problem and is looking for solutions and you present your product/service in front of them as a problem solver. In Awareness stage the seller exposes it self and attract online visitors.

Consideration is a stage where the seller connects with the potential buyer and engages with them by showcasing about their offerings in form of storytelling.Here the customer starts considering about this offering.

Action is the stage where the potential customer is converted into paying customer and further delighted by the offering.

Inbound marketing is adding value to each stage, creating relationships that last and making customers that stay.

Future of Inbound Marketing:

Inbound Marketing is here to stay as Inbound+Social Media= Ultimate Power!

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