Online Digital Marketing Certification: Simplified

Are you a marketing or sales professional, facing difficult times in your traditional marketing approach?


Are you a small business owner, looking forward to expand your business horizon and even go global? Are you the one who believes in continuous learning and professional development to get that cutting edge in your career?

If the answer to any of the above questions is “Yes”, then you are at the right place as all your questions are going to get answered!

We all can sense that the scope and utility of Digital Marketing is increasing by leaps and bounds.Digital Marketing in India is a $1.9 billion industry and expected to grow at the rate of 27% annually. In order to not get left behind you should definitely look forward to becoming a Digital Marketing professional and use it as a tool for either your business or career expansion.

There are various institutes offering online Digital Marketing courses and certifications. Some courses are generalized as a combination of all Digital Marketing skills and some courses are specialized courses focused on a particular area.

It largely depends upon your requirement and budget to decide on which course and certification to go for. Following is a list of some of the top global institutions offering quality online courses:

E-Cornell Digital Marketing Certificate:
  • Duration: 2 Months, Fees: $3,600
  • It gives a great overview of Social Media and digital Marketing Techniques.

North-Western – Digital Marketing Strategies:
  • Duration: 2 Months, Fees: $2,600
  • This program focuses on more advanced digital marketing techniques like data mining, agile marketing n and brand storytelling.

New England College of Business — Online Digital Marketing Certificate:
  • Duration: Depends upon the course, Fees: $10,185
  • It has a vast selection of specialized courses—everything from viral to email marketing—and you can build your six-class certificate based on your specific areas of interest.

The University of Vermont- Advanced Social Media Marketing:
  • Fees: $950
  • This university offers a number of online digital marketing certifications. Its Advanced Social Media Marketing certificate course focuses on social media marketing, diving deep in showing you how to build a social media strategy and put it into action.

Digital Marketing Institute, Ireland- Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP):
  • DMI, Ireland offers various core and specialised courses in digital Marketing. The CDMP course is a core course offering Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Search engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing strategy and Planning.
  • Duration: 24 weeks, Fees: $1,955
  • Offers FREE 1 year DMI membership, providing lots of resources for continuous learning even after getting certification.

Out of the above list the most comprehensive course, for beginners in Digital Marketing, is the Certified Digital Marketing Professional, offered by DMI Ireland.It gives you the required skill set to be a certified professional and provides you enough tools and techniques to run your own Digital Marketing agency, or to expand your business through digital marketing, or be ready to take up a career in digital marketing.

If you are in India, and want to enrol for CDMP course by DMI, Ireland, please visit, as SCORICH SERVICES is the approved partner of DMI, Ireland and offering CDMP course at very special pricing, exclusively, for Indian residents. Indian pricing is at almost 60 to 70% discount on the international course price. This program is a great value for money and excellent investment for your career,as you get an international quality course at very affordable pricing. Please visit the website to know about ongoing discounts and offers.

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