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Hello Everyone. My name is Animesh Sharma. I was graduated with a Bachelor Of Engineering from Computer Science in 2019. I wanted to pursue my career in something more interesting than writing software programs and coding. Hence I started looking for a career in a different domain.


After a bit of researching some domains, I finally found Digital Marketing as a perfect domain for myself. It was so interesting and one of the most demanding skills. I started taking interest in Digital Marketing and did a couple of certifications from Google.
After doing these certifications I wanted to do a professional course in Digital Marketing as I wanted to add value to my resume with a professional certificate. I browsed many courses but none of them was providing an internationally recognized certification.
After a bit more search I got to know about SCORICH Services that they are approved Partner of Digital Marketing Institute, Ireland, and providing training in Digital Marketing along with International Certification from Digital Marketing Institute, Ireland.

I browsed SCORICH Website and raised queries regarding the Certified Digital Marketing Professional course. The team called me on the same day and cleared all my doubts. Also, they are providing the course with lesser fees as compared to the actual fees.
I was enrolled in the course and started it in February. I was given access of course. The course contains 10 modules and the total course is of 30hours and the validity of the course is 6 months.
The course is fantastic as it covers every topic in depth. You absolutely need no prior knowledge of Digital Marketing to pursue this course as this course will make you understand everything from Scratch.
The support from Scorich was amazing as I got messages asking about the course or am I facing any difficulty.
The best thing is that the course contains practical exercises also in which you can implement the techniques which you have learned.
I completed the course in 2 months and I gave 1 month for preparation for the exam. But unfortunately, due to lockdown, I was not able to give the exam. My course validity was ending, I requested SCORICH to extend my course’s validity as I was not able to give the examination. They supported me and extended my course’s validity.

With this course, I have enhanced my skill in Digital Marketing and I look forward to implementing these skills in my professional life and this international certificate will definitely make me stand apart from the crowd and will add value to my resume.

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