Benefits of Digital Marketing Certifications for Students

Are you a graduate looking for a highly satisfying career? Do you want to acquire enough skills to make a mark? Do you really think that getting the certification will help you achieve your goals? If your answer is yes then read on….

In today’s fast-paced world, finding professionals with the right skills is getting difficult for many organizations. When it comes to digital, skills become outdated quickly. A recent study shows that the majority of professional marketers in the US, UK, and Ireland scored just 38% on their Digital skills. So there is a gap between the skill sets required for a particular position v/s the skill sets of professionals. Hence, certifications are the key to success.

Professional certification that is globally accepted is proving hugely popular in a job landscape for specialist roles like Content Marketing Manager, Search Marketing or Marketing Automation Manager.


Benefits Includes:

Quality Assurance

An external certification means that an individual is accredited by a certification body that is recognized; hence helping to improve career progression and salary expectations.

Stand Out from the Crowd

A professional certification will enable a job candidate to demonstrate that their skills are validated and of a professional standard. This ensures that candidates are hired for the ‘right’ job that utilizes their skills.

Validation of a Continuous Learning Ethic

Gaining a certification demonstrates proactivity and motivation to learn and gain new skills set that will not only benefit them personally, but also reaps benefits for a potential employer.

Proof of Abilities

A certification clearly indicates a high level of skill and gives a potential employer faith and confidence in an individual’s capabilities. It also gives an edge to one employee from another in a competitive environment.

Improved & Increased Knowledge

A certification ensures an improved level of knowledge in a specialist area - which is the need of the moment.

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