Learn Digital Marketing: #1 Understanding Rank Brain Algorithm

Hello and welcome to the new series of blogs where we are going to Learn Digital Marketing Concepts. Today we are exploring Google's Rank Brain Algorithm.
Lets first understand what exactly an algorithm is, and then we ll move forward to Rank Brain.
Well, Algorithm is a step by step process or method for solving a problem, where each step tells you a certain action to do. Algorithms are clear cut or definitive specifications for performing calculation, data processing, automated reasoning to name a few.
Algorithms are used in computer programming languages for developing software and applications.
Google uses these algorithms for improving the search results given by the search engine.
To understand it better, let's have a look at the flow of the search process:


Lets now understand the Rank Brain Algorithm and how is it incorporated in making search results more accurate. Let's understand it with the help of an example:

For instance, you sprained your ankle, and now you want to know hat is the best treatment for this... you just googled " Sprained Ankle".
Google shows you results and you clicked on the very first link, unfortunately, it is full of filler stuff, you did not like and press back button.
Then you click on second link and the result is not much better and full of generic stuff and you pressed the back button again.
Now you clicked on the third link, and bang on.. you got what you were looking for, you spent 5 minutes reading that. GOOGLE notices this. This back and forth clicking between sites is called "pogo-sticking" and Rank Brain gives a lot of importance to this. So now the ranking of the 3rd link which you clicked upon will improve as compared to other links for that user. So the Rank Brain algorithm is observing the user behavior on the Search Engine Result Page and makes changes to the search results as per the user interest, behavior and pattern. In other words, Rank Brain gives you a set of search results that they think you might like. If lots of people give attention to one particular page in the results, they’ll give that page a boost in rankings. And if you did not like it? They’ll drop the ranking of that page and replace it with a better page. And the next time someone searches for that particular keyword (or a similar term), they’ll see how it performs.

Rank Brain Algorithm observes the Following:

  • Organic Click-Through-Rate
  • Dwell Time
  • Bounce Rate
  • Pogo-sticking

The above parameters are also known as User Experience(UX) Signals.
So RankBrain is a machine learning (AI) algorithm that Google uses to sort the search results. It helps Google process and understand search queries.

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