Overcoming mental health issues in this pandemic (Covid-19)

We are living in difficult times, never seen before even by our previous generation.


The invisible virus has taken control of the world and everybody is living under some kind of fear. During these times most of us are staying at home and following social distancing to minimize the chances of catching the infection. Outdoor activities have come to a halt. Its only staying at home, working from home, schooling from home, eating at home, exercising at home, playing at home, watching movies at home.... and so on.

This situation of confinement can take a toll on the mental wellbeing of any of us. Feelings of loneliness, anxiety or depression could crop up, especially for elderly or physically un-well people. So how do we overcome this and keep our mental health strong. Here are a few tips:

  • Make a routine: Getting up and sleeping at fixed times keeps the body clock in order. There should be time for everything, i.e. eating, working, exercising, connecting with family and friends and having fun and relaxing time.
  • Eat Healthy: Now that we are working from home, we are saving on travel time to work. Use this time to cook healthy and fresh meals. It will improve the body’s immunity to fight the infection. Include lots of veggies and fruits to the meals. As they say, A healthy mind lives in a healthy body, so eating healthy keeps us mentally fit too.
  • Meditate: Meditation disconnects you from the world and takes you to a journey of self discovery. As they say, “if you cannot go out, go inside”. Meditation relieves stress and tension and gives hope and positivity.
  • Be Proactive: Staying at home does not mean sitting on the couch or chair the whole day working or watching TV. Be physically active for at least 30-40 minutes doing stretching and exercising. Set your daily exercise goals and try to achieve them. So that when lockdown ends, you don’t end up looking like a ball. As per a study, when we exercise our body releases a hormone, called Endorphin, it’s a feel good hormone.
  • Develop a hobby: what is that hobby that you have always wanted to cultivate, like reading, gardening, painting, dancing, and solving puzzles. But never had the time to do. Now you have all the time in the world, just pick up your hobby and spend some good time doing that. It’ll surely make you happy.
  • Upgrade your skills: This is the time when you can upgrade your skill. A lot of universities and institutes are offering online courses to sharpen your skills. Digital Marketing is one of the skills, which is in high demand these days. Just enroll for your desired Online Digital Marketing Course and make yourself ready for an exciting career in Digital Marketing. Getting a diploma or certificate gives a sense of achievement and adds to your happiness too.

Above all, have faith, as “This shall pass too”. So just keep yourself engaged positively and make the most of you stay home time.

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