How to Restart your Career

Are you on a career break and want to get in the game once again? Do you have some unfulfilled dreams of being a career-oriented person but could not fulfill them due to any(personal) reasons?


Do you still have that spark in you but want some guidance on how to restart( actually kick start ) your journey again? If the answer to the above-mentioned questions is yes then read on… you are in the right place!!!!
Today in this blog we are going to share the secret to get you started once again in a span of 6-8 months and that too without spending a bomb!!! The career option that we are going to talk about does not require you to be a science or maths pro…. if you are a graduate, it's enough for you to start it.

Today we are going to talk about a career in the upcoming field of Digital Marketing. Actually it's not an upcoming field, its already here for quiet some time now and gaining popularity among businesses and professionals.

Digital Marketing is an area where you market any product or service using digital/online mediums. Today every pocket has a smartphone and every home has a laptop/desktop. People are always in a hurry to know more about lots of things… they don’t read books but use their phone s to read news and articles… they prefer online shopping through apps and socialize through social media. So it is a good idea to catch their attention where they spend most of their time and energy.

That’s why Digital Marketing is a very happening career option. You just have to start learning it.. there are so many online short courses available on YouTube. You can learn the basics from them, but if you want to get into corporate and have an edge over others, its imperative to have international certification. You need to do a comprehensive Digital Marketing Course that teaches you all the major topics of Digital Marketing, I.e Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Social media marketing, and search engine optimization to name a few. Digital Marketing Institute, Ireland is the Global Leader in Digital Marketing Education. With over 55k digital certified professionals worldwide, a network of over 130 education partners worldwide and a proven track record of working with large global corporates, DMI, Ireland set the standard for digital marketing and selling across markets and industries. SCORICH is the only partner of DMI, Ireland in India.

So wait no more, fasten up your seat belts and get ready to drive in the future!!!!

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