DMI SPECIALIST - Certified in Social Media Marketing

Certified Digital Marketing Specialist in
Social Media

Certified Social Marketing Course helps in understanding the social media scenario. It will train you about the latest social media strategies and implementations. This program focuses on both, paid and free social media marketing using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

You’ll learn various aspects of social media marketing techniques — including social media strategy, online reputation management, influencer marketing, content marketing, and web analytics.

Digital Marketing Course Delhi
What You Need To Know
  • 30 Hours
  • Delivered 100% Online
  • Global Certification
What's Included?
  • 'bite-sized' modules NEW
  • Industry leading Certification
  • Expert led learning
  • Over 20+ walkthrough videos
  • Full Course Content Downloadable
  • Over 50+ topics
  • 2 hour multi-choice exam

Course Content

Social Research

The Social Research module will provide guidance of key social media concepts and with deep understanding of research tools and techniques required to know about targeted audience, competitors, cultural and current industry trends.

  • Introduction
  • Audience Research
  • Competitive Research
  • Cultural Research
  • Data Analysis & Strategy

Instagram & Snapchat

Here learn how to make use of app-based platforms mainly as Instagram and Snapchat, and discover their incredible features in creative and interactive ways.

  • General Concepts
  • Instagram Features
  • Snapchat Features
  • Account Management
  • Advertising
  • Analytics

Content Creation

The Content Creation module provides knowledge and essential skills to resource a content management to target audience with competitor analysis.

  • Content Planning
  • Content Creation
  • Scheduling Content
  • Content Strategy

YouTube & Social Video

This particular module will lets introduce to concept of social video marketing with complete life cycle for audience development and building sustainable communities for business lead generation.

  • Introduction
  • Youtube Setup
  • Creative Strategy
  • Audience Development
  • Advertising & Analyzing

Content Outreach

Here students will be introduced to the concept of content curation and how to use content effectively to reach over multiple social platforms.

  • Content Publishing
  • Content Analysis
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Targeting

Social Customer Service

This will looks at using social media as a customer service channel.

  • Social Customer Strategy
  • Social Channels
  • Customer Service


The module will provides with full about how to make effective use of Facebook as marketing platform to build community, relationship and brand promotion.

  • General Concepts
  • Pages
  • Platform Features
  • Advertising
  • Campaign Execution & Analysis

Strategy & Planning

With this Strategy & Planning module it becomes very easy to learn about planning, researching, objectives, preparation, execution and learning of a successful social media strategy and ROI.

  • Social Media Strategy Planning
  • Strategy Research
  • Content Creation
  • Performance Reports
  • Analysis & Optimization


The LinkedIn module provides in depth understanding about using LinkedIn to get people in segment.

  • General Concepts & LinkedIn Context
  • Personal Brand Presence
  • Company Brand Presence
  • Platform Features
  • Advertising
  • Analytics