Meta advertising: what is meta advantage suite?

Meta advertising: what is meta advantage suite?

What is meta-advantage?

This platform uses machine learning technology to offer tools for automating advertising. It features a variety of methods for creating campaigns and various optimization tools built for the ad or ad set levels. You can either completely automate the campaign or just a portion of it using the technologies in this package.

There are two distinct product lines within the Meta Advantage suite: Advantage Features and Advantage+.

  • Advantage describes specific characteristics that function with manual campaign setup.
  • Advantage+ describes automating the setup of a manual campaign or a particular stage within it. Meta announced the debut of the Advantage suite in March 2022. Access to the suite looks to go out gradually, with specific tools still in beta. You should soon see it in the advertising account for your company. The following advantages are what advertisers should expect from Meta Advantage products:
  • Optimization aims for long-term sustainability
  • Personalization entails better ad delivery
  • Efficiency frees up time for higher-level strategy
Meta Advantage Products to Simplify Your Workflow

There are six products in the Meta Advantage line-up, all of which contain Ads Manager's current capabilities. Examine each tool to see how it may help your Facebook marketing initiatives.

1. Advantage Detailed Targeting
The Detailed Targeting Expansion tool from Meta, shown below, has a new name: Advantage Detailed Targeting. The tool's name implies that it enables Meta to target audiences other than the one you've specified at the ad set level.

Advantage Detailed Targeting

Using this tool may help you get better results because Meta only distributes outside your set targeting parameters, which is likely to produce results. According to an internal Meta test, compared to ad sets that didn't use this feature, Advantage Detailed Targeting resulted in a 37% lower median cost per incremental conversion.

It can be worthwhile to test Advantage Detailed Targeting if you routinely build narrowly defined advertising audiences instead. You might be able to cut expenses while still reaching the right audience by letting Meta dynamically increase your audience.

2. Advantage Lookalike
Advantage Lookalike will be familiar if you have used the Lookalike Expansion feature in Ads Manager (see below). Advantage Lookalike enables Meta to dynamically increase targeting at advantageous moments, much like Advantage Detailed Targeting does. Advantage Lookalike, however, only applies to lookalike audiences, as its name suggests.

Advantage Lookalike

Internal testing has demonstrated that Advantage Lookalike can significantly reduce expenses, even while lookalike audiences are already rather significant and have a wide range of conversion opportunities:

  • Tests employing custom audiences from websites and mobile devices as data sources reduced the median cost per action by more than 17%. (CPA).

Lookalike audiences with custom audience seeds created from customer lists had a more than 10% lower CPA.

3. Advantage+ Creative
Advantage+ Creative might be helpful when you wish to streamline ad settings. Thanks to this series of improvements, the platform can iterate your creative materials automatically, which is a rebrand of Meta's Dynamic Experiences (shown below).

This group of optimizations, for instance, can change how your creatives are put together, move the copy to different text fields, and mix your creative and copy differently. To make your creative stand out, you can also add layouts or apply filters to your photographs and videos. Ultimately, this results in adjustments that the algorithm decides will produce the best response.

According to internal studies, dynamic experiences can lower CPA, primarily when the ad package is focused on conversion events. We can achieve a 3% reduction in CPA by combining Dynamic Experiences with ad sets optimized for landing page views, link clicks, and website conversions.

4. Advantage+ Placements
Get familiar with the redesigned Advantage+ Placements if you regularly use Automated Placements to let Meta deliver your advertisements where they're likely to produce the best results (pictured below). By using all available variables, this program identifies the best location for each chance to send advertisements.

Advantage+ Placements

It might be worthwhile to test Advantage+ Placements if you often use Manual Placements to choose the placements you believe will work best for your brand. After carefully examining the campaign results, we should identify the top placements for your company. It would be best if you considered adding more placements to upcoming ad sets.

According to Meta's research, campaigns with six or more placements had a nearly 75 percent higher chance of outperforming those with four or fewer spots. The site does warn that not all advertisers will benefit from this rebranding tool's increased outcomes.

5. Advantage+ App Campaigns
Advantage+ app campaigns are nearly comparable to automated app campaigns if you utilize Ads Manager to generate ongoing ads for app installs or events (pictured below). This campaign subtype offers several pre-set parameters intended to maintain performance over time.

Advantage+ App Campaigns

Whether this campaign type is optimized for app installs, app events, or app installs combined with events, Meta's machine learning algorithm constantly finds and uses new data. The platform can optimize app-focused advertisements across target markets, ad creatives, and ad placements.

Automated app advertising has the power to produce the best results, in addition to saving you time during campaign setup. In an internal test, automated app ads outperformed human ads with a median 9% lower CPA and a median 6% lower cost per install.

6. Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns
Advantage+ shopping campaigns from Meta are renamed versions of the platform's automated shopping advertising to improve sales campaigns' outcomes. Multiple optimizations are available with this option, enabling Meta to change campaign settings at every level—from budget and targeting to placements and creatives—to boost conversions.

Compared to advertisers' benchmarks, Advantage+ shopping ads led to a 12% reduced cost per purchase conversion, according to internal Meta tests. So, if you use catalogs to increase sales and conversions, exploring this automated campaign type would be worthwhile. Although it's testing, Meta expects to make Advantage+ shopping campaigns available to all customers by the end of 2022.

Meta Advantage can assist you whether you want to expedite specific steps in creating ads or ad sets or automate the establishment of Facebook campaigns. You can streamline your advertising process and enhance the results of your Facebook campaigns with the help of our automation suite.