The WINNING KEY to Social Media Marketing Success – CONSISTENCY

The WINNING KEY to Social Media Marketing Success – CONSISTENCY

The goal is to be CONSISTENT on social media. Not CONSTANT on social media. There is a BIG difference between being CONSISTENT and CONSTANT.

In today's digital market, consistency is essential for the success of any organization. A good marketing strategy begins with building a brand representing one's advertising techniques. Consistent internet marketing assists in enhancing the offline reputation of a brand. Utilize your online behavior to reflect your offline persona since this instills the confidence essential for prospective consumers to retain your services.

Why is being consistent on social media important?

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Brand Loyalty: By consistently posting, you increase your consumers' awareness of you. By allowing your audience to get to know you and your personnel, you're fostering a connection that will continue for years. Show how your company can help the community or congratulate a new employee. These achievements are one of the reasons why people follow corporate social media accounts.

Customer Retention: A small percentage of your clients will prefer to contact you via social media, whether they have a complaint, compliment, or opinion. By posting frequently, you demonstrate to your consumers that you are active and willing to assist.

Better Awareness and Ranking: Social networking allows you to become more visible and remembered by potential consumers. Maintaining a consistent posting schedule increases the likelihood that your target audience will encounter your content. These pages will then be indexed by search engines and displayed when relevant material is sought. Dominate search engine rankings for your brand by distributing new material on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Staying On Top: Regular updates keep you at the heart of the action. Your audience, or anybody, is forgetful and needs frequent reminders! Maintaining top-of-mind awareness guarantees that you are the first person they consider when someone needs the services you offer. This results in more relationships, leads, and sales!

What all can you consider to become more consistent in your social media marketing?

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Voice: To maintain a consistent tone in social media posts, you must first comprehend the audience you're addressing. Consistency in your online communication can help others identify your voice in the same way you recognize your family members' voices when they say "hi" on the phone. You know who you are, what you do, and why it is significant to others. It is a delicate balance. Aim to communicate in a manner that is consistent with your brand and resonates with your audience. To define your voice, you must first determine your target demographic and the particular brand image you wish to convey. Do you want to be serious and direct? Funny and carefree? Once you've discovered your voice, you can apply it across platforms to create a personality your audience will know and relate to.

Aesthetics: A consistent style gives your brand a distinct personality, making it easier for consumers to recognize it. Especially for photography-centric networks like Instagram, the images you provide will define your brand's identity. Not only does having a distinct and consistent look make your brand more recognized, but it also makes you more remembered. Your profile should be visually appealing. People are naturally drawn to visually appealing images since they are visual beings. Ensure that your profile has a consistent theme. When altering images on Instagram, adhere to a color scheme and apply the same filter each time. This generates connectedness and uniformity in your photographs and social media postings, which significantly impacts your audience.

Content: The objective is to be relevant and genuine. According to Facebook Blueprint Creative Best Practices, "you must create material that makes me cry, laugh, or amuses me." Your posts should contain factual and ethical information, which means you must ensure that the news you publish originates from an accurate and ethical source. Check the reliability of a news story or blog post by comparing it to other web resources. Consider this additional step in confirming information to protect your brand and reputation.

Posting: It is doubtful that your audience is viewing your message frequently enough for it to be remembered and influential if you wait weeks between updates. Strive for moderation while submitting content. Ensure that you are not posting an excessive amount of one form of material and an insufficient amount of another. Once you have determined the optimal posting frequency for various types of content, be consistent while sharing it. A posting schedule maintains consistency in terms of publishing frequency and content. Schedule each day's social media updates and ensure you adhere to your schedule.

How can we stay consistent in social media marketing?

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After years of experience and successfully running clients social media campaigns, we have developed a golden formula for being consistent, and called it “Scorich 5 S Principle” .

Strategize – Allow yourself one day to plan the topic of the post. Choose some topics, compose a plot, come up with some thoughts, and plan out some brand colors and some guidelines.

Set - When we say "set them," we do not imply that we will create a bundle for the entire month at once. However, it works best if you created groups of visuals, thoughts, and ideas that are comparable to one another. When you are finished, it will be much simpler to assemble all of them into one while still preserving the core of your concept.

Snowball: One needs to be familiar with a wide variety of formats and the many various kinds of platforms available. Create a posting strategy for yourself that is SMART. Begin by spending three days each week on a single platform, then snowball from there. Add one more platform during the following week, keep going with the one you're using, add one more post, and so on. Your approach should be designed to snowball since this will massively increase your brand recognition.

Self-Execute – We are living in the age of technology now! Everything is implemented by a tool or software. Make your plans for the content, and then carry them out. A wide variety of software and add-ons can be installed, allowing you to plan and schedule a month's worth of social media posts much in advance and redirect your attention to other management tasks. As a one-person army, self-execution is one of the successful digital marketing methods.

Scan & Study – One step that gives an edge over the competitors is analysing the data and statistics. Every 2 month, scan your social media, study the insights in as uch detail as possible and optimize the strategy.

If you feel that your digital marketing execution is somewhat haphazard, now is the time to start adjusting to how you prepare, post, and enhance the information you provide. To make it even better, this can be the perfect time to bring in a team of creative experts that can assist you in formulating and putting into action a successful strategy.

Why don't you contact Scorich Services Team right now to find out how we can assist you? We will provide you with solutions to many of your web design and digital marketing issues with only a single brief session.